Sunday, September 14, 2014

Snow Patches

We have a few patches of snow left from last season. You can find some white stuff along the Cornice Run, Zuma Cornice, and Norway. In an average year all the snow has melted by this time of year. Following a really good snow year, like last season, a few patches will last all summer. I suspect most of these will still be here when the snow starts sticking in a few weeks.


Mike R said...

I've been crossing my fingers for a September opening, the weather has been cooler compared to normal but I'm guessing the lows need to drop about 10 degrees at night before you turn on the guns?

Would you say you need about 7-10 excellent to moderate overnight sessions of snowmaking to open up?

Sorry for buggin' ya, the jonesing is strong this time of year :D

Brandon said...

If you're looking for September skiing, head to St. Mary's glacier! I've been going there since A-basin shut down in June. Just accomplished 12 months of skiing today; all in our lovely state of CO! Thanks for getting me from Oct. to June Al!!!

Anonymous said...

Man, I thought I was anxious for the season to start.

Andrew said...

I love when you do posts like this one!