Saturday, September 10, 2016

Boxes and Boxes of Ski and Snowboards

That time of year again. The Rental Shop has seen a steady flow of new equipment rolling in. We have received boxes and boxes of skis, snowboards, bindings, poles, helmets and boots. Each year we retire a fairly large chunk of our rental fleet and replace it with brand, spanking new gear. This includes a mix of your standard rental gear as well as some really nice high end demo skis. There are lots of ooohs and ahhhs as the good stuff is opened.


Anonymous said...

Which, of course, brings a question about the outgoing gear.

Was there a giant sale that I missed? If not, where does the retired gear (especially the demos) go?

Anonymous said...

Are you retiring the Rossignol's Experience board? I would be interested in buying one provided the price is right :-}