Saturday, September 24, 2016

Good Storm

It was snowing heavily as I left the ski area yesterday afternoon. I arrived to a beautiful snowy scene this morning. In the base area there is probably 3-4" of new snow. I suspect more up on the hill. Our temperatures just got down into the snowmaking realm this morning. We didn't quite pull the trigger on making snow expecting the window of opportunity was just a little too small. A good sign none the less. Moisture on the hill and temperatures starting to be consistently colder ---- I like it.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the updates. It is fun to watch your progress. I hope you don't feel the need to explain yourself to impatient people. You open when you open!

Anonymous said...

Excellent news.

mike miller said...

Great news! Any idea if there's a chance of being open by early-ish-November? Just curious. I, along with some guys I'm deploying with, was hoping to head up the mountain for one final trip in 2016. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

They normally openby end of October

COsouthpaw said...

Arapahoe Basin Openings
10/29/15 Thursday
10/17/14 Friday
10/13/13 Sunday
10/17/12 Wednesday
10/13/11 Thursday
10/25/10 Monday
10/9/09 Friday (Earliest)
10/15/08 Wednesday
10/10/07 Wednesday
10/13/06 Friday

10/30/03 Thursday (Latest, snow-making era)

Anonymous said...

The hill should be open by the 3rd weekend in October... just about a month to go!

Barbara (skibum4ever) said...

It's been a long hot boring summer, and the idea of possibly skiing in less than a month is really exciting! Hoping for a very snowy winter.

RaflW said...

My flight lands in Denver on Fri October 28th, hangin' around Summit County till Nov. 3rd.
No pressure, Al, the weather goddess will do as she will. But I hope that history from COsouthpaw is a good guide!

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing opening day this year will be October 12th!

Elke's Dad said...

I'm calling October 14.