Wednesday, May 10, 2017

YTD Snowfall - 339 Inches

Through the end of April, A-Basin has received 331 inches of snow which is 107% of average for that time period. We have already received 8 inches of snow in May, a month with a median snowfall of 21 inches. April received 44 inches of snow which is 83% of that month's average. Our base for the month of April had an average depth of 65 inches, 105% of April's average.

That 183 inches in December and January was certainly a treat. The coverage and skiing is still great.

A very snowy January morning

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Bill Hellwig said...

Visited Squaw Valley at Tahoe today, first time on the mountain (my Dad skied there in the 50's). Some locals on the chair asked how much snow we got in the Rockies, and I replied 3-400 inches. They said Squaw/Alpine Meadows received over 700 inches. Most of it's Sierra Cement by now. I heard some of their grooming uses salt to harden it up with warm 45* nights. Arapahoe still has the best snow! Bill, Fairplay