Friday, January 4, 2019

.......And The 4th.

The 4th Steep Gully was a treat today. Similar to the 2nd, you have to gently work your way in through some tricky conditions. Once in, Steep and Beautiful. Extreme Terrain all the way.

You can ski all 8 of the Steep Gullies without encountering a mandatory air. If you veer onto the flanks, micro side gullies or cliffs, there is plenty of air to be found. Each proper Steep Gully has plenty of rocks and is plenty steep, but there isn't mandatory air. 


Austin S said...

Hey Al with all the hubbub around parking and carpooling maybe A-Basin could team up with a group like to promote their site and help you help others save the environment.

David in WNC Mtns said...

The 4th - and I know how the camera doesn't do it justice. What a sweet looking run.
Hey Al how about some better lighting in Mountain Goat Plaza. I seem to recall you could see if it was snowing at night. That would be nice.