Wednesday, January 9, 2019

East Wall

The Ski Patrol has continued to work on the East Wall. There have been a couple of limited openings focused on skiing some of the powder lines in the gullies. The forecast for snow Thursday night and Friday is starting to look a little better. The Wall is the last big chunk of terrain yet to be opened regularly. Let's hope the next 2-3 storms get it open.


Chaim said...

Hi Al,
Both me and my wife are big fan of your blog!1
and i love your mountain
I have a question to ask you is there a way we can talk on the phone perhaps?

Chaim said...

Hi Al,
Do you have an email or Number where i can contact you?

Alan Henceroth - COO said...

email me at

Unknown said...

Hi Al,
I enjoy your blog and love your mountain!

I had an idea for you this April. On Sunday nights in April you could host a Winter is Coming party in the 6th Alley and screen the final Game of Thrones season. I would be there for sure!

David in WNC Mtns said...

Forecast looks good - I hope it's wrong and you get a bunch more. An inch here and an inch there can add up to a pile of snow.

Anonymous said...

It's a ski mountain not a movie theater

Bc3543 said...

Its more than just a ski mountain. ABay is its own culture center - that's why 6th Alley is now serving dinner after the lifts are closed.