Tuesday, January 8, 2019


Yesterday was a gnarly, tough, windy A-Basin kind of day. We had some lift wind closures. It snowed fairly consistently and heavily for a while. The wind was from the W-SW and was ideal for much of the ski area. I skied for a few hours finding great snow near the woods. Really, really fun if you like to hang out in that kind of weather.

Today was the polar opposite. With bluebird skies, calm winds and a new snow report of 3 inches, the day was a Colorado "Stunner." It was absolutely perfect and so much fun to be out on the hill.


TuneSquad said...

Super stellar day!!!!

David in WNC Mtns said...

You are right about the gnarly days. 79-82 we skied a lot of gnarly days and in hindsight it was like a right of passage - tough conditions but when it was done you felt good - you felt connected to the mtn.

David in WNC Mtns said...

Would I be correct in saying pic 1 is down the slope and the 2 pic is at the top of the trail?. What is the house/lodge in the background? That's on the Hwy 9 side right? Do I ever wish to be 25 years old and having all that terrain in front of me.

Alan Henceroth - COO said...

Both photos were taken at the same place, top of Cabin Glades. The building is Black Mountain Lodge and the road is Highway 6. I think you need to get back here for some skiing :)