Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Last Hoorah - Snowmaking

Today the snowmakers will be shutting down their system for the season. It has been a good one. December 31 is the last day we are allowed to divert water. The diversion point to the reservoir has been plugged and we are just finishing off the last little bit water remaining in our reservoir.

Despite a dubious start, we ended up with a great snowmaking season. With last summer being so dry, we were very concerned with the amount of water that we would have in the North Fork of the Snake. That awesome November snowfall was a tremendous help, raising stream flows and putting snow on the ground. On top of that, the snowmakers did great work and really spread the man made snow wisely. They made "just enough" snow in the places we needed snow.

The snowmakers will spend the next few days putting all their gear away and will be ready to do it all again next September.


Anonymous said...

Always a thrill each October to watch the brown turn to white.

Anonymous said...

Excellent work this year snowmakers.
The early season conditions were really fantastic on Len.
LeClair must've brought some serious knowledge up from Key.

RaflW said...

Glad you guys buffed things out. Early season natural snow was great, but good to be ready for anything as the winter unfolds with quality base. Thanks Al & team.