Sunday, October 6, 2019

And Another Good One

We had another good snowmaking session last night. The wet bulb temperature dropped down to 17 F.  We fired up  the system at about 7 PM versus 1 AM the night before. The winds were a little breezy, but it was still a successful night. As I write, the system is still producing some good snow. Yesterday we ran until noon.

The crew will keep plugging away, hoping we see some really, really favorable conditions later this week.


Blake Fisher said...

oh man, Its starting to look like its about ready for my rock skis :)

If only I was not 4+ hours away I might try and sneak a few turns in ... likely better I am further away to keep my out of trouble lol

Skierman1975 said...

Al, can you live the base cam on at night so we can see the snowmaking?

Anonymous said...

My ONLY skis are in my truck. I can leave in about half an hour's notice. Please keep us posted!