Sunday, February 16, 2020

5th Steep Gully

It was another powder day Sunday. As expected, the crowds were light. We reported 2" of new snow in the morning and it snowed all day. There are a few inches of snow sitting on the Flaming A webcam image as I write. North Side, Steep Gullies, Beavers, Dorsey's Downhill, you name it, the skiing was awesome. The merriment in Marnie's at the end of the day, even better !!

Enjoying the  5th Steep Gully


Unknown said...

Man, that looks nice 🤙. Wish I was able to make it today

Anonymous said...

A Basin was nice that day but not the gully. 30 minute hike out on top of the deadly run, no thanks

Anonymous said...

Is it safe enough to ski the steep gullies by yourself? (Do enough people go back there? I know patrol does sweeps at the end of the day too...)