Monday, February 10, 2020

9" This Morning Makes 43" In 4 Days

This has been quite a storm......and we are not quite done yet. It snowed much of the day again today. There are a few inches of snow sitting by the Flaming A right now. Everywhere I went today the skiing was excellent, deep, deep powder. Even though we were busy for a Monday, I was still finding new snow in the middle of the afternoon. The mini hike up to Long Chute delivered all kinds of great skiing in the MGD zone, Jump and Elephant's Trunk. Tuesday should be a breathtaking sunny day. This storm was special.


AlexCharles said...

How's that wall lookin Allllllllllll?????

. said...

I can't make another turn...West Zuma was amazing, like the days before lift service...East Woods sick, Lenawee Parks to Gentry had some of the deepest snow on the Mountain. Slalom, Wildcat and the nose were off the hook. One of the best storm cycles ever.

Anonymous said...


Must be the deepest 43" on earth, but I like to think I can picture T...C in his office..

"I SAID MARK IT 43!!!"