Saturday, February 8, 2020

Typical 15" Powder Day

Today was just your typical 15" (29" in 2 days) Saturday powder day. Some grey skies turned into sunny skies. We had a good turnout of skiers and riders. I did a little shoveling. I parked a few cars. Skied the 4th Steep Gully with the Ikon Pass POW "Road Icons Crew." I spent a wonderful hour with Alex, Tay, Thor and Johnny. They are a team with great spirit on a tour of  some of the best resorts in North America. After leaving them I had a little charcuterie and a latte at Il Rifugio. I spent another hour with various staff members debriefing on the day. In an hour Kay and I will hike up to Black Mountain Lodge for the Pacific Rim Moonlight Dinner. After hiking down and getting a good night's sleep we are going to have to spend Sunday skiing powder at The Basin. That's right, Sunday will be another powder day.

Arapahoe Basin is a pretty good place to hang out (and work).


Anonymous said...

Lift lines were horrible. So was parking. Hopefully you're looking at how the Ikon pass contributes to horrible lines and parking. And hopefully you've only signed a 1 year contract with Alterra. I'm pretty sure you can make it without Alterra. Loveland does. If additional revenue is needed, joining the Powder Alliance is a better fit with the Basin than Alterra.

Joe Taylor said...

Yesterday was the first Saturday with some lines and full parking lots. It doesn't compare to the traffic with Epic. I thought the A Basin crews did a great job keeping people moving, fed, and happy. Saw pics of Vail lift lines Friday. One or two days with heavier traffic is ok. It was a Powder Day, what would you expect. Chill!

Anonymous said...

You are kidding right? Epic snowfalls on a weekend and you are complaining about crowds.

Every resort was going to be packed yesterday. Get over yourself