Friday, February 7, 2020

Big Snow Today

It was one heck of a day. It never stopped snowing. It never stopped blowing. We did have wind closures on the Upper Mountain. Pali Lift ran until early afternoon, but we shut her down due to winds. Those skiers and riders that enjoyed Black Mountain Express all day and Pali in the morning, had an amazing time. The bumps on Standard and Lower International were fully blown in. The skiing was soft and sweet.

Tomorrow looks to be really nice. It will be breezy, but way less than today. The sun will be out. The mountain is in phenomenal shape. Saturday night, the snow train might start running again.


David in WNC Mtns said...

It looks like the AB snow stake logo is under reporting how much you are getting which would make sense with all the wind you've been talking about. I'm sure you are glad to have it however it gets to the ground,

. said...

Some of the best turns Ive had in 37 years of #legending