Saturday, May 9, 2020

Looking Down Zuma Cornice

That cornice is HUGE !!!


Ryan W. said...

Hopefully soon we can launch some turns! Like many, we miss the basin! Thank you for keeping the stoke!

Mike H said...

Ive told this before, I was sitting on that cornice a day a cold storm had hit in May. I was chasing and it paid off with double digits. I was sitting there with White-out vertigo until a woman dropped in that gave me some perspective. I jumped in and she was oh so soft...the snow. It was a Legendary May Day. There is nothing like the joy of a powder day.
I’ve been tracking a storm since April 9th that is going to hit on the 20th. Some of you might remember. Still looks like it’ll hit. Uphill by then? It’s a Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

That cornice looks great. Hope to drop it in a few weeks !!