Friday, July 24, 2020

Big Concrete Fly Day

Leitner Poma has had a very successful fly day. A lot of concrete was poured at the top terminal and at three of the lift towers. All the concrete forms were flown into place at the remaining tower locations. CDOT was also successful with their Professor project. There are now two avalanche towers standing, one on the Professor and one on the Widow. It was a little noisy for a while, but a lot of work was done today.

Check out this link to see what was installed on the Prof. Professor Avalanche Work


Anonymous said...

My wife and I rode the lift up Friday morning and had a great time watching the work from a picnic table. Then lunch and tee shirts! We had a great e. Thanks for the suggestion earlier in the week. Lb

R&R said...

Very entertaining hike yesterday. And the aerial park looks cool.