Thursday, July 23, 2020

CDOT Avalanche System - Professor

This summer CDOT is installing a remote avalanche mitigation system on The Professor. With this system, avalanche work can be initiated remotely. No more waiting for a helicopter or military hardware during busy, snowy avalanche periods.  The objective is to remove many of the obstacles from remote avalanche work and have a more effective and efficient system.

This afternoon a huge Chinook helicopter landed at The Basin. In the morning, it will be flying all the new gear (on left side of photo) to the top of The Professor.

Also tomorrow morning, Leitner Poma will be flying concrete and other gear for Pali Lift.


Anonymous said...

According to Summit County GIS database Arapahoe Basin, the land is wholly owned by the Forest Service. Are you 100% obligated to allow CDOT to land in the parking lot? Do they ask for permission? Have you ever denied them access to land due to other projects? How is Abasin's relationship with the Forest Service, State of Colorado, CDOT and Summit County?

Any chance CDOT will allow carriers to pull fiber optics over Loveland pass and get the Basin better Internet? What about joining the power grids between either The town of Montezuma and Abasin or over loveland pass (buried wire of course).

Zimmy said...

Video needed tomorrow or it didn't happen! :)

Lawrence Romeo said...

Did they find the misfire from last year ??