Monday, July 20, 2020

Wire Rope

The wire ropes for both lifts have arrived. While much of the lifts have been manufactured in Grand Junction, some components have been imported. The wire ropes were made in France and transported via ship across the ocean.


Anonymous said...

How much extra wire do they include for margin or error?

Is the margin or error slack re-cycled?

pbropetech said...

Not sure I totally understand your question as it’s phrased, but if you’re referring to how much extra rope is on the spool, there is usually up to several hundred feet. Couldn’t tell you what they’re going do do with the extra but at Copper we keep it in case of repairs.

Anonymous said...

Yes, how much extra cable/rope is shipped. Would you really make a repair to the haul rope? Isn't the marriage 1200 x the diameter? The repair would be 200ft and then the line would have multiple splices on a 2inch diameter. How many total splices are legal in Colorado?