Saturday, July 11, 2020

Spider Hoes Are Back

The spider hoes that helped us build the Zuma and Beavers Chairlifts are back. A spider hoe is a very specialized type of excavator. It is designed to travel in extremely rugged terrain and leave a very small foot print. The machine has four big rubber tires on legs that articulate in many directions. The legs and the boom that holds the bucket allow the operator to guide the machine gently and slowly down very steep and rugged terrain. We used these machines to dig the tower holes on the Zuma and Beavers Lifts. It is hard to tell where the machine traveled on those lift lines.

Right now there are two spiders hoes working on the Pali Lift Line. The photos below were taken yesterday at the site of NEW Pali Tower 3.


Taylor said...

Wow that's awesome, Gotta see this in action!

Bill said...

You should put a time capsule in one of the bases to be discovered when the next pali lift goes in. People then would be surprised to find out about skiing in 2020.

Mike Bannister said...

Love to see the use of a very cool and environmentally friendly piece of machinery!

Anonymous said...

Hi Al, keep the updates coming. It was great having a conversation with you on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon outside on the deck at 6th Alley. As always, my friends and I thoroughly enjoyed our lunch after a morning hike up to BML.

Looked like everyone was having a great time, and everyone was safely spread out with plenty of space outside for everyone to enjoy.

Great work. Looking forward to the Adventure Park. Great to see progress on Molly Hogan and Pali.