Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fourth of July T-Shirt Correction

I made a mistake with Teresa's email address. To order a Summer Season or Fourth of July shirt email

(Information from my previous post)
We do have A-Basin Summer Session and 4th of July shirts available through Arapahoe Sports. They are going fast. You can pre-order by sending Teresa an email at Prices range from $20-$25. We are waiting on a proof for a second 4th of July shirt. Keep checking our Facebook page for updates.


zeldab said...


You do a terrific job. Our group, "Kulas", has had 2 spots on the Beach for 4 years now. Next year will be 5, and so on. Al, the industry is lucky to have you -- we're lucky to have you.

I"ll take 2 t's, XL. I sent Teresa an email.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if you had the season stats on the back (such as, date opened, date closed, total inches, max inches in a day, etc.)

Anonymous said...

Alan, Hey thanks...I hear the new design is in and you might be able to post a pic!

Thanks again for a great season!

I love the idea my other buddy Anonymous had below of the season stats. This season can live on in T-shirt form!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Question for Alan: Alan, will it be top to bottom skiing tomorrow or do you forsee it just being Lenawee?