Friday, June 10, 2011

Why 2:30?

Why are we closing Black Mountain Express at 2:00 and Lenawee Mountain Lift at 2:30? Snow in the summer is very different from snow in the winter and summer skiing is a unique sort of experience. Three main factors lead us to this decision.

One, the days are long and warm and the best skiing is earlier in the day. This time year, the snow keeps melting until well after midnight. We usually get a light freeze early in the morning to firm things for start of the day. By mid-afternoon the snow is very, very soft. Not only is the riding better before mid-afternoon, but if we keep skiing it later we start turning up bare spots and really beating up the snow.

Two, during summer skiing the best snow is on the Upper Mountain. We close BMX earlier to minimize traffic on the lower mountain and to drive late day arrivals to the Upper Mountain. I must say that this weekend is an exception to this rule. Skiing on the Lower Mountain is quite good today. By next weekend the preferred skiing will clearly be up high.

Three, during summer skiing we frequently battle afternon thunderstorms. Closing a little early helps us avoid some of those storms.

This June is a great time to be here. Enjoy a morning ski, have a pulled pork sandwich for lunch at Black Mountain Lodge, raft the Blue in the afternoon, and ride your bike around the lake just before dusk. Sounds a lot like vacation.

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