Friday, June 24, 2011

Smiling and Summer Skiing

Another great summer day. Took about 7 runs and enjoyed Ramrod, High Noon, Sundance, Cornice Run, West Wall, Norway Face, and more. It just seems like everyone is having a good time. The mountain goats continue their daily display. Next time you ride Lenawee be sure and look to your left near the top of the lift. This time of year you can almost always spot them. Kimberly posted a great goat photo on the Mountain Snapshots page of the website. Hope to see you the next two days and the 4th Of July weekend.


Anonymous said...

I am likely visiting my parents next weekend. We are thinking of making the trip to A Basin on Saturday. I have never skied in the summer. Can you describe the skiing? I am eager to better understand how the skiing might feel.

Alan Henceroth - COO and Vice President said...

Summer skiing is fun. Different from the rest of the year. Usually it is fairly warm, although squalls can come through from time to time. The snow is a little firm early in the day, but usually gets very soft very quickly. If you really like slushy skiing come a little later. If you like a little firmer snow in your turn, come a little earlier. I prefer starting early and feeling the change in the snow. Check the website to see which trails are open. This year we are running two lifts with a few trails open. Last chair is at 2:30. I recommend skiing in the morning, enjoying lunch on the deck and maybe a bike ride in the afternoon.