Wednesday, October 26, 2011

8" and Still Snowing

Just had communications from the snowmakers and the ski patrollers. We have had a very productive night. We reported 8" new and it is still snowing. The snowcats are out and about doing some track packing. It was fairly windy which inhibited snowmaking a bit, but the forecast for snowmaking is outstanding. We will likely keep running until at least mid-day Thursday. For October, very good.


Dan said...

Dercum's Gulch on open Friday would be nice! :) Let it snow!

Mike said...

Im stoked just looking at the pics. I came April 19th last year for the first time, good timing. It was a foot or so of fresh pow--and it was dry. Im from KC and talk about love at first sight. I hit the wall with waist deep face shots, wow! Cant wait to come back! See you soon