Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Storm Will Have Big Impact

First, check out this photo taken by Daniel Hill last season.

This storm will have a big impact on The Basin. Although initially warm and kind of wet, temperatures should drop to single digits and we may see a lot of snow. What does that mean? We will be making a lot of snow. The snowmaking resources are pointing towards Lenawee Face and Dercum's Gulch, our next targeted trails for opening. The snowfall will only make the opening easier and, hopefully, sooner. A few spots in Dercum's are very smooth and flat and can be covered with a good storm or two of natural snow.

I am not sure we will get enough snow to open any trails with only natural snow. Don't forget, it is still October. Hopefully, we will get enough to send the snowcats out and about packing snow. Maybe we will get enough for the patrollers to start footpacking some terrain. We should know in the next 24-48 hours. We will keep grooming High Noon and Ramrood. I know some of you want that to stay ungroomed. That would be fun for a little while in the morning, but would be kind of tough by mid-morning.

All and all this looks like a great storm and should be a HUGE BONUS.

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Jordan said...

Hey Al,
You talk of ski patrollers bootpacking terrain. Have you ever thought of doing that with the east wall? It seems like it takes so long to open that every year because all of the snow blows off of the predominately west facing slopes. And once it does fill in, it sometimes goes to the ground when they start controlling it. If it was bootpacked after every storm, it seems like it could open faster. I am sure many regulars would be willing to help bootpack as well for a little incentive (crested butte and silverton both have similar programs on similar terrain, which enable them to get terrain open more quickly)