Friday, October 28, 2011

Yesterday's Photos

Here are the photos I took yesterday. I think there was a problem with Blogger. They uploaded easily today. Anyway, more great news. The snowmakers were grinning from ear to ear this morning. That is not easy at 7 AM coming off an all night shift. Again, they had a great night. Snowmaking temps were near zero with light, ideal winds. I'll get up and take a look again today. We are in store for another brilliant, blue sky day. I need to learn to keep my camera's wrist strap out of the viewfinder.


Chris Barker said...

Awesome pix Al. I am glad you got them uploaded. If you need an official photographer, I will be happy to take the first runs for you!!

Thanks for the awesome update and I look forward to see how it went last night.

Corey said...

Think Al needs a new toy. A Go Pro HD, and maybe a Wordpress blog upgrade.

Anonymous said...

So when is it happening?