Saturday, October 8, 2011

Good Snowmaking

Just listened to my morning snowmaking message from Brendan. They had a very good night. We are pummping at 100% capacity right now. With this forecast we hope to keep making snow, uninterrupted, until at least some time Monday. When operating at top capacity we convert about 1,000 gallons of water into snow per minute or about 60,000 gallons per hour. These are good, cold conditions with temperatures in the teens. When it is warmer, we convert water to snow at a lower rate. That said, during the opening process, we typically have some great nights, some OK nights, and some marginal nights. If the temps, reservoir levels, and streamflows are good, we can open in less than a week. If we have a few OK or marginal nights in the mix, it can take us longer.

No predictions on opening yet. Let's see how the next 4-5 days go. These weather conditions are something to be very excited about.

Kudos to Wolf Creek. I just looked at their webcams and the conditions look great. You should head down there today or tomorrow and get some riding in. We'll get the Basin open for you soon.


Corey said...

Yes I was totally blown away. 3 feet of snow wow.

Anonymous said...

Friday 14th opening would be good, I'm back from Houston the 13th!

Anonymous said...

the Black Mtn. lodge webcam is.....yeah not showing snow ;)