Friday, December 13, 2013


I have received a lot of feedback since the new bar opened. Almost all of it is really good. A few people miss the old place and a few people have had comments about the  decor. Thanks to everyone that has shared their feelings. To the best of my knowledge the "new" bar is the 4th bar in the A-Frame and at least the 7th bar is the base area's history. In the early 90's we moved the bar from upstairs in the A-Frame downstairs to the South end of the A-Frame. Many a fun time had been had upstairs and many people were disillusioned when we moved the bar downstairs. We received a fair bit of stinging criticism. I realize that changing a place where so many people have had fun can be tough. That is certainly fair enough. I think most of you will really like what we can do in the new place. It is certainly OK to miss the old place. For me, hearing the feelings about missing the old place is kind of like "Groundhog Day" (the movie) rekindling my memories of the early 90's change. I do hope all of you like what we are trying to do. Thanks to everyone for commenting.


Anonymous said...

I like everything but the lights that look like toilet paper art. Feels like a 70s porno or Jetsons episode. Or both, but that would be weird. But everything else is pretty awesome. I spent a lot of time in the old one and am now looking forward to the generous seating and large selection of local craft beer. Cheers!

BDubs said...

I miss the old place too. I can't, however, let nostalgia negate the absolute awesomeness of the work that was done. Clearly a lot of thought went into it and I look forward to making as many new memories in the new place as I have from the old. It looks great. A modern and functional renovation that still looks true to A Basin instead of the ostentatious over priced decor that is so prevalent in most of the other resorts. To everyone who helped make it happen, a sincerely great job!

Anonymous said...

Well if the bloody maries are strong with bacon who freekin cares!

Anonymous said...

Well my mind is going through these changes, I feel just like I'm in the time! I like the new bar!

Steve Crider said...

Had a great FREE beer on the house yesterday with some killer green chili, after 10 runs with no lines, blue skis and great coverage. Al came by the bar where I was sitting and said hello. Oh yea, I parked about 100 paces from the lift.... Epic pass holders, please keep I70 clogged and enjoy your crowds! haa, thanks Abay!

Anonymous said...

Just three quick things../ suggestions :. pali pilsner. Make sure the old map that says "center of universe" (circled over the alleys) is mounted. Wireless that works (the rabbit ears up at bml work great....the same at the main lodge does not.....many of us need to play hookie from tie wearing in denver on weekdays.....not a request for cell towers...just reliable wireless...something that. supports many usere) thanks

Anonymous said...

Al, here's my rub on the 'new' bar. Hopefully it is taken as constructive.

In its current form it seems very institutionalized and bland. Not a knock on the setup - I like the space and the bar and the lift chairs add something...what is missing is personality. The Basin is a special place and the Larry Jump section seems almost museum-like...what you need is something that makes it feel like home. Bring the "old school". This is actually VERY, VERY simple. A few black framed black and white pictures, some banners or fun-items hanging from the ceiling....stuff that injects the Basin's personality into the place. A mini stage in the corner for the bands, etc.

I'm not going to say give it the full Last Lift (Keystone) treatment, but mix the old and new. It will create a much warmer space we can all love.

I think everybody appreciates the effort, but I think you too want more A-Basin personality...right now it looks like the restaurant in the strip mall that might not "make it"...a bit unfinished.

Anonymous said...

I did want to make one final comment on top of my last one.

This Bar really has the potential to be one, if not the greatest, ski bar in Colorado. Honestly.

Just see it through. It it stays like it is now it is 60% of the way there.

In other words, finish the job.

Kent Berg said...

Change is inevitable, so the fact that A Basin made an attempt at change(to please the, "Vail and Breck crowd??) is not debate worthy. However, table service--really??

We were there on Christmas Day. Not busy whatsoever and the service was horrible--and I mean horrible! The staff clearly is a part of the old A Basin mentality which we totally understand. Advice: don't offer table service with people who are real skiers for the people who are real skiers where both have the mentality of "here's-your-local-watering-hole-come-on-in-and-stay-a-while." Epic fail. If you are going to force table service onto the patrons--then offer good service. The expectations are set even for the old A Basin only pass holders like us. Don't make us get our own menu's and have to order our drinks at the bar(it took about 25 minutes to get two bacon bloodies).

Our observation was everyone was frustrated including the staff. The tables, which are all table service only, are 4 tops not 2 tops. When two people sit down it appears the whole table is taken. We watched people come in look around and leave muttering, "there is no where to sit." There were plenty of chairs open at the four seater tables but there were no tables available!

The food took forever to arrive. We watched as people around us decided not to order and bring food in from the cafeteria...even though there was a sign stating not to do so. Not even the staff wanted to enforce that rule!

We will be heading up to mid-mountain where the menu is more expansive, better quality, and the expectations of no service are met every time!

Alan Henceroth - COO and Vice President said...

Thanks for the feedback Kent. We will make it better.