Thursday, December 12, 2013

South Side of The Basin

On the Montezuma Bowl side, many snowfences are standing. The big permanent fences have caught a fair bit of snow. The big drift at the top of Columbine has been pushed downhill. The snowcats have been down to Tower 14. We have a very good start back there. The view from the top isn't bad, especially on a day like today.


Anonymous said...

I'm heading out to a basin for new years from Ohio. Hoping hoping hoping that more snow falls and the bowl opens!

Anonymous said...

The updated bar is beautiful but it lost the ambiance that a handful of my friends and I loved so very much. :-( Casual nature of the bar is no more.

Anonymous said...

Jeesh. Change is hard. My friends and I used to love so much being carted up to mid-mountain in a WWII-era ammunition truck. Why'd you have to go and ruin everything by putting in chair lifts?

Meanwhile, Montezuma is being talked about before Christmas! Yay!