Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Very Good Saturday

What a cool day. We had 5" new again this morning. The day started a bit breezy and then really turned into a great ski day. We even had a good snow shower blow in for about an hour in the afternoon. The ski day closed out with some dramatic low hanging clouds. The Save Our Snow Celebration and The New Belgium Scavenge were big hits. The preliminary report said we raised some good money for the High Country Conservation Center. Smokey The Bear made a presence and hung out with our Ski Instructors and that New Belgium dude. We will close out the day with "An Evening in Spain" up at Black Mountain Lodge. Chef Rybak will be serving his best food with sultry Latin music from Amanda Fitch. It was a big day around here. I look forward to seeing the moon lit peaks on the walk down.

.....And the skiing was great and it just might snow again tomorrow night. The skiing and the riding is the heart and soul of this place.



Anonymous said...

A very good day at Abasin, indeed. I humbly suggest that groomimg is needed for Columbine n Larkspur though. Both are windblown sheets of crust. The rest of the terrrain from front to back was legendary.

Anonymous said...

Any jumps yet in the terrain park?

Anonymous said...

Nope. There's this sick cliff on falcon that's fun. And plenty of other fun cliffs on the zuma cornice. And the cornice by west wall is fun to hit as well

Anonymous said...

when is the beach cam going to be up?

Anonymous said...

A basin is a terrain park !

Anonymous said...

I think it is pretty safe to say that (with all the snow) A-Basin is out of the terrain park jump game.

There has to be some reasoning/logic behind it. Terrain parks generally have both and A-Basin seems like they are pretty much opting out.

Anonymous said...

The whole terrain park jump thing is a bit puzzling to me. I'm not much of a park guy and as others have pointed out, there are plenty of other opportunities to find big air at the Basin, so I don't really have a dog in this fight, but the opacity of the A-Bay park jump policy seems oddly out of character.

A-Basin, through this blog and other channels, is far and away the best resort I have seen about communicating with customers and addressing questions, complaints and concerns.

As an example, just think of the amount of time spent on addressing petty parking concerns recently.

The park jump issue seems like a whole different animal, and has remained largely unaddressed for a long time.

Two years ago there were great jumps in two terrain parks. Last year we were told that resource limitations on snowmaking necessitated a prioritization of scarce water toward getting terrain open vs. jumps in the terrain park. That was entirely reasonable, in my view.

This year's water supply bounty meant that limitation clearly was not in play. When many people started asking about it on this blog, I remember an answer of "you are being heard." But no jumps and as far as I know, no explanation has been forthcoming.

I love A-Basin; it will always be my favorite mountain and I have nothing but good things to say about the people running it, but it seems fair to ask what changed with the park jump policy.