Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Independence Mountain

Independence Mountain is the beautiful summit straight South of Montezuma Bowl. It lies almost directly between A-Basin and The Outback at Keystone. Skiing the lower portions of both Columbine and Larkspur there are stunning views of the mountain. One of my favorite skis at The Basin is coming down the lower portion of Larkspur (we call this portion West Meadow) with Independence staring me in the face. Stopping and looking back up hill at Long Chute and MGD is a pretty good view also.


Bret said...

Independence bowl, on the other side of the mtn offers the run Patriot! Best powder stash at Keystone hands down!!

Chris W. said...

Yeah but on lower Larkspur I can never slow down to enjoy the view because I have to get over that little hump by Eureka. :(


Anonymous said...

I hate that bump