Tuesday, February 25, 2014

East Wall Open

The East Wall first opened last Friday. Due to the nature of the area, it opens and closes depending on snow and weather conditions. Commonly just called The Wall, it is a great place to ski and ride. It is wide open and known for powder skiing. The Upper East Wall (North Poles and Willy's Wide) is open for hiking usually in the spring. This season there is tremendous cover out there and I am expecting a great, long East Wall season.


Anonymous said...

LofG is in great shape. Didn't make further down because is takes too long

What about the hike trail to tree chutes somebody mentioned two weeks ago. Too much of an undertaking?

Anonymous said...

sorry for the typos! :-}

"I didn't make it further down because it takes too long"

Anonymous said...

Hi Al, a few weeks ago I mentioned the idea of putting in a skin track to the Tree Chutes. It could start from mid-mountain or lower down to avoid the traffic coming off the lower East Wall. Any more discussion on the this possibility? Thanks again for the great blog.