Friday, February 7, 2014

"It's Just Good"

Outside Black Mountain Lodge this afternoon, someone adamantly told me over and over, "It's Just Good". I couldn't agree more. 5" new this morning. It snowed most of the day. Snowing nicely right now. Great forecast for snow. Everywhere I went today, Slalom Slope, The Spine, The Face, Standard, International, Wavy Gravy, Black Bear, Long Chute, Elephant's Trunk, The Crags, North Fork and  Half-Moon Glades was I mean OUTSTANDING !!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Those trees look gorgeous

Anonymous said...

There was once a waiter named Billy Bob. Billy Bob worked at the 6th Alley Bar and lived inside of a garbage can. He couldn't afford a real house because he gave such crappy service to the locals.

Nevertheless, Billy Bob really liked powder skiing. Every day, he went to huck the Kong Rock. One day he got so stoked that he became a nice guy.

Then he started getting good tips because he wasn't uptight with A-Basin passholders and worked to give good service. He earned money and was able to move from his trash can to a nice ski chalet in Kestone.

The passholders really loved Billy Bob and he soon met a stunning ski bunny, named Badonkadonk, that was also stoked because of all the pow. They got married at the Black Mountain Lodge and it was a beautiful ceremony, and they launched the "avalauncher" at the reception.

For their honeymoon they went and skied all the chutes on the East Wall. Billy Bob was happy for the rest of his days.

The moral of the story is that if you give good service to passholders and open the East Wall, everyone's wildest dreams will come true.

Anonymous said...

I confirm the outstandingness of the day :-}

Anonymous said...

^^^I highly doubt Kong was huckable "every day" even on record years... haha and It's just called Kong, not Kong Rock lol