Sunday, February 2, 2014

Montezuma Bowl, Wind, and The Broncos

Like the rest of The Basin, Montezuma Bowl is putting on her best face. Coverage is amazing. Skiing MGD and West Bowl has been phenomenal. I heard about waist deep snow in Elephant's Trunk. Nice.

Something very unique about this storm was the complete lack of wind. It made for beautiful, light, fluffy powder skiing everywhere. The place still isn't full packed out yet. Eventually, the wind will blow again. With all the loose snow both in and out of the ski area, the snow transport will be more than significant. That transport fills in the troughs between bumps and makes for that super buffed out snow. Look for that velvet feel soon. There is some outrageous skiing coming soon.

Just one hour until kick off. GO BRONCOS !!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

So with that low wind, you should probably get east wall packed down quick before the wind shows up

Anonymous said...

Montezuma bowl was indeed "super" on Sunday. As for the game, well, I'm glad I didn't cut my ski day short to make it home in time for kickoff.
It was one of the most pleasant afternoons at the Basin I can remember. Impossibly blue skies, great soft snow everywhere, no wind to speak of, no lift lines- I mean that was a real memorable day.
I got some deep, fresh turns in Lower Elephants Trunk-- definitely worth the hike back. Waist deep though? Maybe if you're 5'2", LOL. Definitely above the knees anyway!
As for the east wall, it was pretty cool to look up and watch the ski patrol way up there ski cutting and tossing bombs. Can't wait for that to be ready!