Thursday, February 5, 2015

11 Beautiful Inches

11 inches new today and 19 inches for the week. I love the buzz of an early morning snow day at the ski area. The snow plows are clearing the lots. The snow cats are packing out The Beach. The  base area crew is clearing the walkways with shovels and the Bobcat. The lift mechanics are firing up the chairlifts. The lift ops are clearing the ramps and re-setting the mazes. I can hear steady series of booms from the Ski Patrol avalanche work. The staff is very focused, but smiling. This will be a special day.

The moon-set was especially good this morning.


max said...


now if only i wasn't stuck in an office in Denver! Thanks for letting me live vicariously through the blog Al.

Anonymous said...

It was a greater day today. Thank you.

Noah J said...

What are the odds we get the east wall open here soon?

Anonymous said...

Start asking about east wall when the base is over 55. Hopefully late March early April