Monday, February 16, 2015

Final Push

3" new and still a chance for a few more. Not bad for a Front Range storm.

The Kids Center is in its final push. The carpet is in. All of the plumbing fixtures are in. The electrical work is almost done. The furniture has arrived. That junky looking fencing and trailers should be gone this week. The final county and fire department inspections should be this week. Once the county gives us our CO (Certificate of Occupancy), it will takes us about a week to move everything in and get set up.


Charlie Cundiff said...


Anonymous said...

Are you sure the "kids center" isn't the bar portion of the 3rd floor? Geez, that place is out of control...try to have a beer in that 'special' liftchair area that has been claimed since 8am and turned nursery, playpens, etc.

Certainly not opposed to an area like that for families, etc...but it seems like that's not the place for it. I'm guessing A-Basin didn't envision it that way either.

Anonymous said...

whats up with your primary terrain park? is that a thing of the past? really miss having that up there...especially the jump line from years past...just saying