Friday, February 13, 2015

Beautiful Day And Evening And An Insider Tip

First off, shame on me for not taking any pictures today. It was a brilliant, late winter kind of sunny bluebird ski day. Kay and I just skinned up to the Summit and enjoyed a starry night and an early Valentine's Day with some good bread, brie, fig spread, and chocolate in Snow Plume Refuge.

This weekend will likely be very busy. Even on the busiest days, our lift lines rarely get too painful. As many of you know, parking can be the pinch. On a holiday Saturday and Sunday, the toughest time to park is approximately from 11 AM to 1 PM. I strongly encourage you to arrive before 11 to snag an early parking spot. If the early arrival is challenging, wait until after 1. Many people ski only in the mornings and it is almost always easy to pick up a close in afternoon spot. Tomorrow will be a fantastic ski day (just like today), but please choose your arrival time wisely. Avoid the mid-day parking crunch. Friends don't let friends show up at noon on a Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

Drive up with 4 or more in your car!