Monday, December 7, 2015

Montezuma Bowl Opening Dates

Montezuma Bowl opened the following dates in its first eights seasons;

2007-08    January 12, 2008
2008-09    December 30, 2008
2009-10    February 24, 2010
2010-11    December 18, 2010
2011-12    February 24, 2012
2012-13    February 13, 2013
2013-14    January 10, 2014
2014-15    December 29,2014

This is a fairly interesting range.

Montezuma Bowl, February 2015


Dan Scannura said...

wow what happened in the 2009 season? Opened in February?

Anonymous said...

Moderate El Niño that season, but hard to predict what the ENSO will do in CO any given year. This year's strong El Niño looks to be favoring us early; I've read that if the patterns push weather our way, they typically book end with heavier snow early and late, with a lull in the middle of the season.

Eric Frøyd said...

I wonder if it would even be practical to install snow-making back there (need a 2nd reservoir and lots of underground plumbing?)? At any rate, as far as historical opening dates are concerned, there simply isn't enough of a sample size to make any kind of reliable statement as to when we may expect to see Zuma open up since it's only been open since 2007/2008 season. Superficially, it seems that we are lucky to have it open by the end of December, and very lucky to have it open by mid-December.

I'm eager to see Zuma back in action.

Anonymous said...

Zuma opens before February consistently when there's more than 40" snow before Thanksgiving. Of course, those same years tend to be big snow years overall.

Season Zuma Opens Snowfall Snow Before Thanksgiving
2007-08 January 12, 2008 ???? ????
2008-09 December 30, 2008 258" 24"
2009-10 February 24, 2010 188" 7"
2010-11 December 18, 2010 393" 61"
2011-12 February 24, 2012 173" 32"
2012-13 February 13, 2013 284" 12"
2013-14 January 10, 2014 440" 60"
2014-15 December 29,2014 318" 63"

Anonymous said...

One of the really great things about Zuma is the lengths abasin took to minimize the environmental impact while it was in construction. That's why there are no roads back there. It would be hard to imagine snowmaking being added especially since it would be most needed down lower.

Anonymous said...

Hey Al! I'm pretty sure Zuma actually opened on December 27 last year (2014). I was there that day and it was great!

Anonymous said...

Few things beat being one of the first people to get steep, deep first tracks off Zuma Cornice on a bluebird powder day.