Friday, December 18, 2015

Winching Columbine Step

Enjoy these pictures of our cat team working in tandem winching the Columbine Step. Usually, the winch cat anchors to one of several fixed anchors we have on the mountain. Other times, one cat can be the anchor while the other cat is lowered down. In today's case, the winch cat lowered a regular cat down "The Step." At the bottom the regular cat disconnected from the winch and free groomed the area leading to the base of Zuma Lift. When done, the regular cat re-connected to the winch cable and the winch cat pulled it back up "The Step." After doing this a few times, the snow becomes firmer and the cat can climb up on its own. Cool work that is time consuming.


Brownjuan Brown said...

Great photos. Thanks for the further explanation/illustration about the grooming in Zuma Bowl. Me personally, I assume snowcats can go just about anywhere on the mountain. I know where "The Step" is as the run funnels down to the lift, and I was surprised that it could cause a problem. Guess my assumption about snowcats, what type/consistency of material under their treads is necessary was incorrect. That's why your blog is fantastic for skiing armchair quarterbacks. The insights you have gained as a manager can be passed along to your customers to create better understanding and awareness. Thanks again, hope to be able to make turns on the backside soon!

Anonymous said...

How about a 2nd floor bar update? Donkeys on at 2:25 tomorrow. Let's hope tomorrow's 2nd half looks better than last week,