Thursday, December 17, 2015

Zuma Does Take A Little Longer

Getting Montezuma Bowl open does take a little longer than getting much of the Front Side open for a few reasons. There is no snowmaking in Zuma. When we designed and built the trails, we did not do any earth work to minimize our impacts. Much of the ground is smooth tundra, but there are a few rough spots that take longer to get covered with snow. Grooming and dozing snow on the Back Side is more difficult and time consuming than on the Front Side. We have to do the cat work one step at a time leap-frogging our way down the hill. Whatever the drivers go down, they must come back up. If they don't get the snow prepared properly, the cats can't climb back up hill. We could get the snowcats (and the snowcat drivers) stuck back there and the drivers are not into the "stuck thing". They like to go home at the end of their shifts.

All the work makes for great skiing, it just takes a little longer. It is worth the wait.


Mark Matis said...

You just needs to get you some winch cats with LONG winch cables! Surely some aerospace engineers from the Denver area who like to ski could help design and rig something like that?

Anonymous said...

The best skiing on Zuma is usually north of the lift line and in the tree isnt it? I get that it must be a nightmare to open the top half of Columbine and Larkspur which provide the main access to the bowl. That place is windy and exposed so snow gets blow to the next basing on a regular basis. Hope for snow and not much wind!

Greg Nixon said...

Spent an afternoon back there last February. Zuma is more than well worth the wait.

Anonymous said...

Al and crew get an "A" in my book. Thanks for the great work. Lb