Sunday, December 13, 2015

Progress in Zuma

After 10 inches and another big snowcat session in The Bowl, we are making significant progress in Zuma. The cats have now been down to the top of the Columbine Step, that last short, kinda' steep pitch on Columbine. The compaction really sets us up for the next storm coming tomorrow. The snowfence work has been particularly successful. The Ski Patrol has also been quite busy working MGD and West Zuma. Closer, closer, closer.


Anonymous said...

Al, any thoughts to not grooming the top part of the run all the time? It gets a ton of traffic as right under the lift and tends to compact/ice over quite a bit. With all the traffic, its more of a hazard than helpful when its iced before people start to spread out

Anonymous said...

This may have been addressed previously but I was wondering why Abasin doesn't use a snow stake webcam. Are there any plans to have one installed? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

8:40am Tuesday. Stuck in Denver. Checked the web-cam. Nobody in line yet. Whazupwuththat?

Anonymous said...

They don't open till 9:00 during the week.

Regarding snowstake'd be fun to have, I like being able to see what time of day the snow came down. But the amount varies so much depending on where you stick the cam. Keystone's cam always seems to report way more than they ever actually have. So as long as Abasin seems to keep reporting accurate (or even conservative) measurements, I'm fine without it.

Anonymous said...

I just use Keystone and Loveland cams to see when the snow fell. The over night total is more important than the 24 hour number most of the time. You cna get a good idea of timing and that is the most important thing.

I have never had any issues with the amount on any cam and the amount of snow on the runs vs the report. The higher you go the more snow you typically get. The report for most mountains is at mid-mountain so you can have much less at the base and much more at the top. Also you have to look at the wind and how the snow is being influenced by that.

If you were at A-Basin early in the year the upper mountain looked really good and then a huge wind event came in and the mountain looked terrible up high. Look at Breck as an example, nothing up high is open due to the pounding wind they have got despite the 95" to date.

Snow above tree line is constantly in flux and you can't look at one number on the snow report for the whole picture.

There are plenty of days where 4" can be 8-10" of wind pockets if you know where in the resort to go.

Realistically the reports are correct for all resorts. With social media you can't lie about the numbers because everyone would make a huge deal about it and not go to the resort.

John PZ said...

I was at Keystone last Saturday, and I was surprised that they only reported 12 inches of fresh Sunday morning, because it looked like about 12 inches fell by 2PM and I left shortly after that (was on the first chair up that morning). Then I looked at the snow stake cam Sunday morning for the last 24 hours (around 6am), and wouldn't you know it, the snow actually melted/settled overnight after it was almost hitting 15 inches during the day, so it must have warmed up a little overnight as the storm moved out. But regardless, the Keystone report was spot on, and not over reported, based on my experience Saturday!