Friday, March 6, 2020

2 Days At Silverton

2020-21 Arapahoe Basin season passes are now on sale. In addition to unlimited skiing at The Basin, 3 days of skiing at Taos and 3 days of skiing at Monarch, 2020-21 Arapahoe Basin pass holders will get 2 days of skiing at Silverton during their unguided season in March and April. One of those days can be used for the unguided season in 2020. The other day can be used for the unguided season in 2021. To fully understand Silverton's unguided and guided programs go to their website, Silverton.

I think Silverton's snowy big mountain unique character is a perfect compliment to Taos' southwestern Bavarian charm, Monarch's Colorado, comfortable, local feel and Arapahoe Basin's special culture and vibe. These are four great mountains.

To learn more about or to purchase A-Basin passes, check our website,  Arapahoe Basin.



Kyle said...

Al, so stoked to see the mil/veteran's pass again. One of the best deals in skiing, it is an absolute steal. I get the 'warm fuzzies' knowing how veterans had an essential role in starting the ski industry not only at the basin, but all over the US.

I understand the mil/vet pass is not something you have to do, so I really appreciate it every season I get to buy one. Thanks again.

David D'Angelo said...

Returning season pass is $419 and doubke down is $850. What’s the double down benefit?