Saturday, March 14, 2020

March 14 COVID-19 Update

The news of the COVID-19 outbreak remains front and center for all of us. The situation is dynamic and rapidly changing. As always, the safety and well-being of our guests and employees is our greatest concern. We continue to follow guidance from federal, state and local authorities and are in close contact with them.

The culture of skiing and snowboarding is inherently social. While one side of an Arapahoe Basin visit is very social, gathering with friends and family, making new friends and sharing a meal or drink, the other side of a visit is a very low-density affair, skiing and riding across our 1,428 acres. We would like our guests to focus more on the low-density skiing and riding.

To promote social distancing, we are putting in place the following measures over the next 48 hours:

- We are significantly reducing Food and Beverage operations. Limited offerings and menus will be available.
- All Guest Services issues will be handled through lift ticket sales windows.
- The number of people allowed in our Rental Shop will be limited.
- Snowsports for both kids and adults (lessons) will be focused primarily outside and classes will be limited to a half day.
- We will not be operating our parking lot shuttles or using overflow parking.
- We have cancelled all scheduled events through April 8. If you are signed up for an event, you will be receiving an email regarding refunds and other options.

We are also strongly recommending the following actions by our guests to help us at this time:

- People at high risk for COVID-19 (people who are over 60, already sick, or who have underlying health conditions) should visit another time.
- Guests should reduce their time inside. While we realize people need to use the restrooms, warm up, grab a snack or purchase equipment, we encourage everyone to minimize their time indoors.
- We are encouraging guests to ride lifts with their friends and family only.
- We are encouraging guests to bring their own lunch and drinks and eat outside or at their car.

This is a very challenging time. Again, the safety and well-being of our guests and employees is our greatest concern. Please make informed and educated decisions about skiing and COVID-19. We want to keep this great experience going and need your help and cooperation to do so.

Please call us at 888-ARAPAHOE or email us at if you need to change your plans.


RaflW said...

I appreciate what is being tried. I am still hoping to come out in a couple weeks. Not sharing chairs seems prudent, but how is distancing in the lift lines likely to work.

Concerned Citizen said...

It is time to cut to the chase and close. We all must make sacrifices to slow . This virus will spread like wild fire according to local doctors and maintaining ski area operations in Summit County will do nothing but fuel the fire. Hard times call for tough decisions and this one needs to be made today. Be safe

Ryan Hamilton said...

What about 'the beach’ I saw a lot of parties going on yesterday. I love the vibe at the beach, but I feel gatherings really are just not appropriate at this time

Anonymous said...

You can't shut down the world. People are going to get out around others and there is no way to stop it. Just be smart. The bars and restaurants were full of people in Denver last night. Let us enjoy the outside where we are all spread out and wearing gloves and rarely interacting with each other. The utah jazz were flying on planes together, sharing workout equipment, high-fiving and only one other person got it. Clearly it doesn't spread to anything and everything.

Anonymous said...

Assuming the lifts will be closed by Monday does that make Birthday, TJ's, and Hidden fair game?

Anonymous said...

It was nice to get outside today. The exercise and blue sky helped ease a little bit of the stress!!

Unknown said...

With Vail closed do you think all others will follow?

Person with common sense said...

This is fear mongering, please calm down. You’re more likely to get COVID from going to a grocery store or going outside your house than when skiing.

Person with common sense said...

Thanks for being level headed about this! You really can’t shut down the entire world, especially with a low risk even like skiing

Unknown said...

I am about to fly from New York to Colorado tomorrow morning with anticipation of skiing Monday and Tuesday. I would like some reassurance or a decision by the COO before I make the trek

Anonymous said...

Since you are so sure that staying open is safe, Al, I challenge you to stand at the front of the Black Mountain Express and greet every guest tomorrow.

Want me to remind you of the stats for people 70 and over?

Gina MS,RN, CNS said...

From an advanced practice clinician, skiing and standing in a lift line will not increase your risk of this virus. Get out and enjoy the fresh air. Indoor public places can increase risk, if frequented by people infected with the virus. So consider the public place.

Transmission is primarily airborne from droplets when someone coughs or sneezes and it sprays on another person. It may also occur if contaminated respiratory fluid falls on surfaces that are frequently touched. When another person touches the contaminated surface, then touches their nose, eyes or mouth, they may be exposed to the virus.

Our best practices (for decades) include Covering your Mouth when you cough or sneeze, Stay Home when you are ill, Wash Your Hands before and after touching things or people, including yourself.

Many public facilities have raised their awareness and are providing more frequent cleaning of surfaces. But we all know that handrails, etc are dirty. This is not new news. So don't touch these surfaces; and if you do, wash your hands afterwards and always before eating and touching your face. The same goes with hand-shakes.

From the CDC -"Older adults and people who have severe underlying chronic medical conditions like heart or lung disease or diabetes seem to be at higher risk for developing more serious complications from COVID-19 illness." The general course of Covid-19 illness is similar to a common cold or flu for most people. Lets keep this in perspective.

For the most accurate information go to the CDC Website.

Unknown said...

So is it closed or not?

Anonymous said...

And what is someone coughs or sneezes on me while in the lift line? He or she does not have a N95 mask on, nor do I?

Just because we are in a lift line, I can not contract the virus?

If that is what you learned at medical school, it directly contradicts the CDC guidance.

Anonymous said...

The push here is for public health. If I have the virus, due to someone coughing on me in a lift line or in a chair, I can then pass it on to an elderly person I come in contact with.

Al, the above posters comment should be removed. It is careless.

Anonymous said...

Colorado is closed..
The US is closed..

The world is closed.

Go ski backcountry