Saturday, October 9, 2010

And So It Begins

The Snowmakers got off to a great start last night. I saw them just after dawn this morning. Although they looked a little tired, their faces were beaming, knowing it had been a great evening. The wet bulb temp was down to 23 F at Mid-mountain. All guns were cranking. I am not sure we will be able to go all day, but the forecast for making snow again tonight looks good.


John Stirratt said...

Morning Al,

Your photo's tell the story. However, the live cam on Snow Plume has been showing the same dry dirt for at least a week. Also, on the bottom cams it would be nice to have one aimed up High Noon or Ramrod, instead of two aimed at the new lift. Hope you have a great opening day, JS

Steve said...

Looking forward to work is such a wonderful thing! Here's to another great season. Thanks for the update.

Alan Henceroth - COO and Vice President said...

Hey John,

One of the base area cams is now pointing up High Noon. Also we hope to have that Snow Plume cam fixed by today or tomorrow. The ground is looking pretty white up there.

Joel Gratz said...

Hi Al -

I linked up to this blog on my Colorado Powder Forecast email this morning, copied here:

Nice work!

Travis Viles said...

I can't take it anymore! What has happened to this season, late starts like this kill me! I got my pass and the following ducks in a row and I'm getting tired of having to hike the glacier to get my fun! Hope I get to come to A Bay to ride soon and not just drive by in a scene of depression..

pete k said...

Al.. i was wondering if you have any "far fetched" predictions for an opening day (perferably before loveland... hope you guys can make snow ALL week long. were waiting.

thanks.. (see you soon!)

baylor said...

what team should win the world series guys??