Friday, October 22, 2010

Snowcat Has Been Working

Last night was a little discouraging for snowmaking. Warm temps and high humidity. We do have some good news. The snowcat has been out pushing snow. The upper portion looks pretty good and we connected all the snow top to bottom. Over the weekend and Monday the forecasted weather looks to improve dramatically. It looks that it will get really cold and snow.


Anonymous said...

Finally, a REAL freaking answer at least. You aren't opening today, tomorrow, or Sunday for sure. All this other "soon" crap you and Loveland have been peddling is total crap. I understand you don't want to give an exact opening date too far out, but come on, a week ago you could easily have been honest & just said, "Hey, we're probably at least a week away, but keep checking back often in case things take a turn for the better." I realize you want to build anxiety for more publicity, but show some stinking respect for your consumers! Why lead us on like that?

Zack said...

WOW... the rest of the weeks lows are *way* below freezing from what we have been getting... nice!!

Alan Henceroth - COO and Vice President said...

Whoa, I thought long and hard about how to or if I should respond to the comment from Anonymous. Here are some thoughts. About 50 times per day I am asked, "when are you opening?" The answer is, "I don't know." I always try and share the best information I have available at the time. We look at how much snow we need to make, how much we have made, and what the forecast says. It is very hard to predict. I do the best I can here and also try and point out the cool things going on. A week ago we had a very promising forecast that failed to materialize. I was excited and, like most of you guys, was disappointed when it fell through. Had late September and October been at all close to normal for temperatures, we would have been open for a week or more by now. If I would have followed the suggestion of saying, "Hey, we're probably at least a week away...." I would have been lying. For a while I have thought we were less than a week away. The weather has given us a couple of dashed hopes. When you deal with the weather every day, you learn to understand and accept that. Nobody around here is trying to mislead anybody. We are being truthful and trying to spread the good word about Arapahoe Basin. Let's keep this fun. Last year we managed to open October 9. This year is looks like late October. Sometimes the weather throws you the dice in a way you don't expect. I am excited about being open soon. I know you guys will have a great time. Our progress is moving along. My fingers are crossed that this forecast is the one. I am not only looking forward to High Noon opening, I look forward to those first face shots a few weeks down the road. Trust me, no one wants to be open more than me.

Travis Viles said...

Alan, I have no idea whom this "anonymous" fella is but i will apologize on his behalf! This kind of anger is uncalled for, especially with weather, not to mention being in Colorado. Are you even a native "anonymous"?? Cause if you were YOU would have a little more respect and understanding that this stuff happens and there is nothing anyone can do about it. You want them to make snow all day every day, where are you from? They have a quota for the water they can use and therefore the snowmaking they can do. Do you really think they are gonna waste what little they are granted to make snow that will melt?? Alan I for one am very thankful for the updates and the excitment that this whole experience creates. Though on the other end its driving me crazy as I don't get much work done anymore refreshing your cams and checking for more comments :) Again I apologize on behalf of "Anonymous" as the comment he left was completely out of line and its sticklers like this that try and ruin the winter experience and is also half the reason for all the bog down rules that now have to be implemented at many resorts.

Keep up the good work Alan as we appreciate it, you and A BASIN!!!


dedicated ABAY rider

Matt said...

anonymous, you think al likes not knowing what to tell the hundreds of people that ask him daily when openin day is? he probaly wants to shred just as much as you and everyone else in colorado. Eveyones doin the best they can, and it will open up when its ready. There keepin us updated with DAILY videos photos and blogs. you guys are doing a dope job and ill be ready to shred when u guys are ready to open. GET SUM

Austin said...

Alan, I too will join the chorus letting you know that "Anonymous" (who is more than likely someone that has posted on the Loveland Facebook page, a very similar message at 11:00, I will go without mentioning a name) is the exception, not the rule. I am sure you and all those at ABay are giddy about the lost revenue, losing a bit of the time when you are one of only two resorts to be open, not to mention the receipts from all of the beer I would have consumed in the lodge by now. Keep up the good work, I love the updates, and I know that, as you stated, no one wants to open more than you. I am about to go insane myself to feed the need, and good things come to those that wait! Here's to hoping that Mother Nature is more cooperative this weekend, it looks promising. Thanks again for the updates and taking the time to communicate to all of us riding/skiing addicts not able to get any sleep until we ride! It is very much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

To Travis - What on earth does this have to do with being a native? There are plenty of us non-natives who get this and think it was out of line. Believe it or not - they have unpredicatable weather in other states.

Alan - Great reply - looking forward to a great season.

Travis said...

ha ha to "anonymous" --
well thank you for making my point that much better, so apparently no matter where you are from "anonymous" you are used to unpredictable weather. I'm not quite sure by what you are talking about when you speak for everyone in telling me that my comment was out of line.. I can understand that you are antsy, as we all are, but Alan sure does not deserve a comment like yours after all the work he does to try and keep this mountain going and fans anticipating the wonderful day!

Cheers and i'm so sorry if i hurt your feelings.. :)

Anonymous said...

Travis - Sorry, I guess I should specified I'm another "anonymous". Not that I have anything to hide, I'm just too lazy to fill out a profile. I didn't think your comments were out of line. I meant I thought the original "anonymous"'s commments were out of line.

Anyway, who really cares - looks like we're getting close!

"Tourist" said...

Travis - I'm pretty sure these are two different posters using the [default] "anonymous" name.

That said, Alan, thank you for the great response. All skiiers are anxious to get up and can't wait for the final announcement. Keep up the great work and thanks for the blog!

Tommy said...

Thanks for keeping us in the loop Al! We know you are all doing the best you can and working around the clock to make it happen for all us anxious skiers, We'll see ya real soon!

pete said...

the point is using an anonymous title is only for the ones who are looking for trouble....meaning DON'T GET CONFUSED WITH THE RUDE ANONYMOUS!!!!! please folks were not gonna get stalked cause we said our name was ben...really

anyway great work on your part Al, its coming along....and by now we don't need to ask the question "when are you opening' anymore because thats old and what we can say now is..."happy snowmaking"!!

so close!


Ryan Febles said...


I cannot believe the nerve of some people like this "anonymous" creep! After working with you guys last season, I just want everyone to know that the staff at A-Basin, particularly Alan himself is one of the hardest working staffs I have ever met. Alan, you are not only the coolest COO I have ever met, but the hardest working one. You are not afraid to engage guests one on one, pick up a snow shovel to help the base area crew clear the sidewalks, help ski patrol, and many other things that I observed last season.

I know that was somewhat of a rant, but "Anonymous" never put a judgement on someone's character that you don't know. Alan and the A-Basin crew are some of the most respectable and hardest working people I have ever met. Alan, keep up the good work and I hope to see you soon for opening day.

Ryan Febles
Former Rental Shop Technician
2009-2010 Season

brian said...

how about a halfpipe this year Al! that would just be would make a-basin just one step closer to being the best of the west!

Alan Henceroth - COO and Vice President said...

A halfpipe would be cool. Unfortunately, a pipe requires a lot more snowmaking than we can do. Our system is big enough, but we only have access to a relatively small amount of water for snowmaking.

Anonymous said...

As a snowmaker at another ski resort, I can say that without proper temps, snowmaking is useless. Patience people.