Monday, October 25, 2010

More Opening Day Photos


Nick Alexander said...

Had a great day of riding today and cant wait to be back friday hope you guys have some more runs open by then

Scott K said...

I asked this question earlier but I think it failed to submit.

Anyhow, within the past few years, A-Basin has added; new snowmaking, replaced lenawee, expanded into montezuma bowl, built black mountain lodge, a new ski rental building, added a magic carpet, and turned exhibition into a high speed quad.

My question is this: Will A-Basin continue improvements at such a rapid rate? Or are you guys planning on taking a break for a little while?

Just wondering because I really love The Basin!

brian said...

thats a good question. i really don't know obviously Al doesn't either or else he would have answered by now.....but i think they will hopefully replace pali in the next 5 years or maybe a new lodge on the mountain but i don't think anything to much right now...thats my guess anyhow.