Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Plan

Most of the snowguns are done making snow on High Noon. We are putting most of our energy into preparing Ramrod. Snowmaking there is going extremely well. The 2' of snow that has fallen with the storm has been a gift and will speed all trail openings. I expect Ramrod to open for the weekend, if not sooner. I'll know a lot more tomorrow. Once Ramrod is open we will move the snowmaking fleet to the Upper Mountain and work on opening Lenawee Face and Dercum's Gulch serviced by Lenawee Mountain Lift. Expect that terrain 1-2 weeks after Ramrod opens.

We are not too far away from being able to open trails with natural snow. Some of those first may be Sundance, Wrangler, Chisholm Trail and Humbug. The first steeper terrain to open with natural snow is Cornice Run / West Wall and the Lenawee Parks region.

It looks like winter around here.


Anonymous said...

Awesome :) I am planning a roadtrip to A-Basin this weekend - can't wait!

Jesse said...


couldn't you guys open faster next year if you just focused on ramrod??? it seems like a shorter run....but correct me if i am mistaken.


Alan Henceroth - COO and Vice President said...

I think it would probably take about the same amount of time. High Noon is a little wider and is a little better suited as the 1st trail. From a snowmaking perspective, High Noon is probably a little easier to get open. Ramrod would be good also.

Howdy said...

Ya'll rock, best two first days of skiing I've ever had, keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the photos! cant wait for the weekend! could you out some photos up of the rails that are set up? i saw those 2 but any more?
you guys are killing it!!!! keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!