Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Little Cold

As great as the skiing has been the last few days, the temps have been just a wee bit chilly. Chilly enough that some of you have been staying away. Well, the next few days should be about 20 degrees warmer. Today, I enjoyed a very bundled up family ski day. The North Side and MGD were tremendous and we warmed up with food from the Crepe Station at Black Mountain Lodge. Wednesday should be a stellar day with mostly sunny skies and the temps might break out of the teens. Don't miss it.


jeremiah causey said...

Those last two pictures are stunning! Thank you for sharing with those of us that can't be there!

Jason Bingham said...

East wall looks nice for rhis time of year. Abay ski school took great care of my 4yo while I hot the pow last week. Barkeeps kept her filled with hot chocolate anf cherries. 1554 yasted nice as well. Rock on AL.

Anonymous said...

I love the "Happy Holidays" image on the main site - the night time shot taken from Route 6. Would it be possible to post a larger version of it, without the words? I think it would make a great desktop background. Thanks!