Monday, December 22, 2014

A Lot of Happy People Out There

I haven't been skiing yet, but almost everyone I have bumped into is smiling from ear to ear. The lifts opened on time despite the big snow. Reports say the skiing is excellent. I am putting my boots on now. It still has not stopped snowing. Most of the North Side including North Glade is now open. A few people were annoyed that they had to park in High Noon this morning. Every once in a while when a very big storm happens and there is a Professor shoot, the clearing of Early Riser is delayed for the safety of the plow drivers. So when we can't plow Early Riser we get High Noon ready and start parking there. Sorry if that inconvenienced anyone.

I just might be evaluating Montezuma Bowl this afternoon. We have to be close back there.


Drew D. said...

Hey Al,

You used the phrase a "professor to shoot" in both your posts today, I am not familiar with this phrase. Could you define it for me? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The Professor:

Anonymous said...

It's a backcountry run on the other side of the pass than a basin. A pretty popular run that is blasted after big storms

Anonymous said...

The avalanche chute across the highway from the main parking lot is named the professor.

With a major slide it can reach the parking lot after it crosses the highway.

I believe it was 1988 when CDOT shot this area and so much snow came down it hit the Molly Hogan lift.

Anonymous said...

Someone bumped the BML webcam, please straighten it out.

Professor is the avalanche run above Early riser, to the left of this guy in the photo:

Anonymous said...

Gents, thanks for the info on the professor. what's the best way to get there? Hike up from the top of loveland pass?

Michael Ricci said...

I'd take an avy course first. It's prone to slide.

Anonymous said...

Palli, Palli, Palli

After 1pm there was no wait. Probably nobody had legs left to deal with the deteriorating visibility. I had none

One of the sessions one would take to the grave