Thursday, December 25, 2014

Winching Columbine Step

A winch cat is a specially equipped snowcat with a large mounted winch. Snowcats cannot climb every slope and still groom effectively. The winch actually helps pull the snowcat up the hill allowing the operator to move more snow and leave a better skiing surface.

These pictures, taken Wednesday, show a couple of operators winching the Columbine Step in Montezuma Bowl. This effort is the linchpin of getting Columbine (and Montezuma Bowl) open. Once this pitch is packed, it is doubtful the winch will be needed again. Having a groomed top to bottom route in Zuma boosts travel and work efficiency tremendously. 


Chrispy said...

Why is the winch cat at the top instead of the normal cat acting as the anchor and the winch cat doing the work?

JonPulliamInc said...

Thank you for your blog al you go above and beyond! Merry Xmas!

. said...

Hats off to the lifty crew today Al. they were all super cool and had a very positive vibe despite working on Christmas Day. It made the day a lot more fun for everyone I'm em all a frosty one.