Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Getting Ready To Wind Down Snowmaking

Arapahoe Basin is allowed to divert water for snowmaking until the end of December. At that time, we will shut down the system. We anticipate a very productive final three weeks. You will see us fill in some gaps and do a little patchwork. Snow guns will be operating at The Pali Maze, The High Divide Terrain Park (Tower 10 BMX), The Treeline Terrain Park, the Void, Tower 3 Pitch, the entrance to Lenawee Parks, Powerline, High Noon, and Norway. This has been a very good snowmaking season.


Anonymous said...

Which terrain parks are currently open?

Lisa Anderson said...

Are the warmer temps hurting you guys at all or is the pack holding up?? You are the only resort that actually answers so please!

Alan Henceroth - COO and Vice President said...

OK Lisa, hopefully I can answer this one for you. The warm temps have not hurt us much. While the weather has been milder than I would like, it has not been warm, "snow melting warm." We have just been having some beautiful winter days. There is no melting at all on the front side and I would describe the conditions as absolutely winter. Much of the North Side has been impacted and that snow is holding up pretty well.

The south facing Montezuma Bowl has had some impact from the warmer days, but not terribly significant. I would also say November's storms were very kind back there and our new snowfencing caught a lot of snow. I think Zuma is in tremendous shape considering we have an 18" base. Anyone that tries to convince you the skiing at The Basin is bad right now, clearly hasn't been skiing here.

So, we do have snow forecast for the weekend. The forecasts themselves are a bit mixed as to how much snow. Let's keep our fingers crossed for plenty of the white stuff.