Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pali Lift Opens Friday

I had a nice little visit to the top of Pali this afternoon watching the clouds roll in. It looks like we may get 2-3" of snow this evening with a favorable wind.

Good news. Pallavicini Lift will open to the public Friday. Skiers and riders will be able to access Radical, Powderkeg, Slalom Slope, Grizzly Road, and West Wall. Yesterday we had some limited public skiing on Pali Main Street and The Face. I anticipate more opportunities to get out on The North Side.


Anonymous said...

Can we get some average lift and area openings so we know where we are at with this year? Like when do the pali runs and slalom slope and zuma and east wall open on an average year? I feel like if pali lift opens before Christmas we are in good shape but I'd like the statistics. Thank you!

Tobi said...

Great News! We`ll be around from the 18th for about three weeks and for sure we will go up to the Legend for some days ;-)
Any news about Zuma? I know you posts from november, and related to the base depth we need some more snow or? However, did you took a run down there during tha last days to chekc out conditions?

@Anonymus check this link:

MK said...

@anonymous guessing this gives you the info you wanted on Montezuma bowl -- looks like about 10 inches of base left (30-40 inches of natural snow) which is comparable to where they were at last year around this time of year